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 Information for Parents

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PostSubject: Information for Parents   Mon 21 Jul 2008, 1:40 am

We would like to show you whyKinz Partadise is a very safe Webkinz Fan Forum to
be a member of.
I could not end in how safe it is so, I will only tell you a
few. We have adult staff members (moderators,admin,support staff). The reason having adult staff
is safe is because they have experence about what is right and wrong. They,
also know how long the ban should be if someone gets banned.


Kinz Paradise is running on Phpbb3 software and with Phpbb3 it shows the
user’s IM screen name. We decided to take this out.

with phpbb 3 (version we’re using) it lists the age of members . We took this and now it doesn’t show. No
one will know his or her age
. We also use a 128 MB encryption software on the forum login and when any information is edited in their profile,registering, etc...

Lastly, if there are any bad words we
have"word Censors" in place so that if a member types something that is in the blocked words it will show up as ******* .

Our number one priority at Kinz Pardise is to provide a safe,free and quality family forum for Webkinz Fan's .

If you
have any ideas to make Kinz Paradise, please send a Personal Message to luvabug1 or post your Idea/ suggestion on the forum. Your idea/suggestion concerning safety will be greatly appreciated.

If you are a parent please Post here and you will be assigned the "Parentkinz" rank. Also known as "Safety officer"


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Information for Parents
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