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 Where KP stands on...

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PostSubject: Where KP stands on...   Fri 13 Jun 2008, 12:21 pm

This is to help all of our members understand where KP stands on:

  • Harassment
  • Raceism
  • Sexism
  • Cliques

  • Harassment

Kinz paradise WILL NOT tolerate ANY type of harassment. If a member reports you either on a PM,Post,OR Chatbox. Your account access and privleges and IP address will be suspended immediatly for an alotted time OR FOREVER. You come to this forum to have fun, not to be mean and hurt people.

  • Raceism

Kinz Paradise WILL NOT tolerate ANY type of raceism. You will be banned from the forum IMMEDIATLY. Again, you come to this forum to have fun, not to be mean to other members.

  • Sexism

Kinz Paradise WILL NOT tolerate ANY type of sexism. You will loose account privliages and/or be banned form the forum for an alotted time.

  • Cliques

Kinz Paradise WILL Not tolerate ANY Clique activity. If a "Clique" is started in the "Club Webkinz" forum or anywhere on the forum. The Appropriate actions will be taken.
1. You will be warned.
2. The club forum will be closed.(if any)
3. If the Clique activity persists then the whole group partisipating will be banned from the forum for a specific time period.

This topic will be updated from time to time. Please check back often for updates.
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Where KP stands on...
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